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Okay. So I've been RP stalking more than posting anywhere. I suppose I should change that. But the stalking is just so damn fun. [ profile] brimsd amuses me.

I should get back to my RPs though. Get my ass back tagging as Snake. I miss being Snake([ profile] legendarysolid). Him and Old Snake([ profile] auld_serpent). I'm also in need of a new place to play Jack([ profile] islegendary). I dropped him from Taxon. I just couldn't keep interested anymore. I think it was the number of characters from series I don't like that turned me off. It's really hard to tag with a character who is from a show you can't stand. Maybe I'll come back there with the cast dynamics are different. I enjoyed it while I was there.

So I've been sniffing around for new panfandom RPs. If I put Jack anywhere new I might use his [ profile] aveo_amacuse name because it is the best screen name ever and makes me giggle.

Gonna get back to catching up with all my fail. Still gotta go christmas shopping again.

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Date: 2009-12-17 03:39 am (UTC)
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My RP is on hiatus while it prepares to go panfandom and allow canon characters, coming soon now...can so see Jack in Porter City (


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