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Now for something a little different. Written in record time and a complete random whim while taking a break from comics.

Title: Like That
Fandom: White Collar
Pairing: Peter/Neal/Elizabeth
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 711
Summery: Filled prompt for "Neal/Peter with Elizabeth on the phone telling them what to do. Sort of like her very own kink meme!" First posted here. In its unBETA'd glory

“Okay. Now, just your fingernail. Drag it up--” a familiar groan came through the speaker. That one gets him every time. Elizabeth smiled, “Yeah, like that.”

Neal's voice came through next, “I don't think Peter approves of me using all your tricks,” said in a decidedly smug fashion.

Elizabeth smiled into the reviver, “Well, Peter should know better than to leave his wife all horny and alone in their bed.”

“C'mon, El, you're killing me... Neal is the one who got us into this mess!” ah, there was something too satisfying about hearing her husband whine.

“Neal,” she said in her best sing-song voice, “Bite Peter for me. Right where--” a very, very satisfying groan cut her off. She couldn't help but snicker, “Yes, right there.”

Maybe she was enjoying this a little too much, she wondered. She lent back on their empty bed, then slowly allowed a hand to trail down between her legs. “Mm, now, Peter...”

Peter's response through the speaker was low moan like he knew she was touching herself. Given how long they've been married... she was willing to believe that. “Peter? Are you listening?” she couldn't keep the amusement from her voice.

“Yes, dammit! C'mon, El, let me...”

She let out a puff of air as if it was a hard decision, “Oh, I don't know... Neal? What do you think?”

“Oh, well... He looks like he wants to kill me,” Neal answered easily.

“Oh, Good. All right, Peter... I want you to use your tongue. Lightly, on the head of Neal's cock. Can you do that for me, honey?” Elizabeth asked as she ran her fingers in a slow circle over her clit.

First, she heard Peter's muffled groan. Good. He seemed to like the idea. Next, she heard an approving, “Mmmm...” from Neal.

A small moan left her before she was able to speak again, “Peter... I know your cock is aching...” Okay, so she was hamming it up a bit, but that always worked on Peter, “It's hard... throbbing... but wait, okay? Just a little longer...” her voice was breathless as her own arousal grew.

A new whimper came through, from Neal this time, “Oh--Oh, God. Elizabeth, he's... he...”

“He's very good with his mouth,” Elizabeth finished for him. She let out her own whimper as she continued to work her clit.

Ah! Oh, God. He heard you... and he--” Neal barely managed to form words. She knew what he meant. Peter heard her whimper and he did exactly what he always did. He sucked harder. He did the exact same thing on her. Sure, it was on a smaller scale with her but... the effect was the same.

Breathlessly, she spoke again, “Don't--Don't let him come yet, Peter. I want you to-uh..” she shuddered and nearly lost the phone, “Bite that pretty neck of his.” Her voice was low with lust, and by the sounds she heard coming through the speaker... Peter was more than happy to comply.

It was Neal's turn to groan and she could only imagine him desperately clawing at Peter when he turned his attentions to his neck. Shakily, she managed words, “Neal... Peter's not going to be able to hold back once I tell him what to do next. You ready?”

“Oh, God. Yeah...”

“Peter, I want you to--” her voice hitched as her own orgasm started to peak, “..ah! H-hold him down. And... and--rub yourself off on his cock.” She bit her lip as she heard her orders being carried out through the phone. She could hear Peter growl... he was so cute when he growled. Neal made a cute little squeak of surprise. Ah! She kept her fingers moving, drawing out her climax as long as she could.

Moments later, she heard the sounds of completion She murmured into the phone, “Mmm... Love you, Peter.”

“You too, El,” Peter replied in a very tired voice.


“Oh, I guess, Neal too. Kiss him goodnight for me, Peter.”

“No problem. See you tomorrow, hun.”

“Good night guys.”

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Date: 2010-02-07 05:00 pm (UTC)
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Oh hell yes. White Collar has the best dynamics ever. And they translate so well to porn! This is awesome.


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