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On the subject of Jack/Daniel sexytiems,

(11:49:14 PM) [ profile] ozzyopolis: Bumping artifacts.
(11:49:15 PM) [ profile] ozzyopolis: ...
(11:49:30 PM) [ profile] ozzyopolis: Doing a little excavation...
(11:49:32 PM) [ profile] ozzyopolis: on site.
(11:49:33 PM) [ profile] ozzyopolis: ...
(11:49:37 PM) [ profile] sneakysilver: ...ppffffff
(11:49:45 PM) [ profile] ozzyopolis: XD

wut? I like puns.
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So I rewatched Absolute Power today. I forgot how freaking terrifying Daniel is when he's methodically taking over the world.

I spoilered myself for Peace Walker today. I gotta say, I still hate Ashley Wood's art. Makes me want to vomit. The backgrounds are decent but the character art? ugh... Anyway. Big Boss' outfit/"Battle Snake" is silly! I don't have much commentary on it until they actually release it. All my comments relate to character design. And I want more gray hair on my Big Boss. >( This is probably a function of playing around with Jack so much. I can't help it, okay?
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Just a little bit of random for you all today...

Big Boss/Ba'al/Daniel I don't care if it's muncest, I want it. Or at least Big Boss/Ba'al.

Thank you, that is all.
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I enjoy these little movies entirely too much. They are so gonna be [ profile] atlantus_taonas videos for newbies.

Also... this. Even if Stargate fandom will have me SHOT. Just not in the knees, kay, guys? They hurt already.
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Click here!

It's the little things that make my day.

Also, in case you haven't heard [ profile] atlantus_taonas is now open.
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This ain't healthy... I keep watching this vid on repeat because I like the song....
Bulletproof )
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Have yourself some pimpage. Just a place to toss those Stargate characters and see what happens. So far I've driven Daniel insane, had him meet his dead wife while still hearing voices and now he's captured by Ba'al's forces. Good times.

That boy has all the fun.

Meanwhile I've been torturing Jack over at [ profile] taxonomites, so it all evens out I suppose.
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Okay. Here's the fun thing about my brain.. it likes to combine my fandoms in my sleep. I had an extremely freaky MGS/SG-1/House crossover dream. I don't remember all of what happened other than myself wandering around going WTF!

That dream I had a couple months back.

Since then my mind has run off with the idea of writing a freaking MGS/SG-1 crossover story. Aside from the fact I wouldn't know where the hell to start... and the amount of brain breaking and wacky storylines would be enough to choke a horse five times over.

And I can't help but see Otacon and Carter lamenting over their respective girlfriends and boyfriends dying all the damn time. Then Sunny and Carter become BFFs do complex math stuff for fun and build supercomputers. While Daniel and Otacon compare their 'extremely dense best friend' stories.

Meanwhile, Jack and Snake are off somewhere trying not to kill each other with smarmy sarcasticness. Or just trying to kill each other.

And for some reason I see Cam and Vala hanging out with Johnny and Meryl.

All this happens while Teal'c and Raiden hang out stoically with cocked heads and raised eye brows.

And that's before I figure out the goddamn plot!

I keep telling my brain I don't wanna do this but it keeps saying DO EETT

And I mumble about train wrecks.
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I have a list of fandom related YouTube videos I watch whenever I'm not feeling that great. I thought I'd list them here...because I can.

Video Spam )

Yeah, okay. I have a pattern for the stuff I like. I can't help it.


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