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OPEN post at [ profile] smutfactory anyone is welcome to reply
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Let's play catch up.

My mom went in for surgery again. I'll be spending the next few weeks taking care of her again.

I'm thinking of balling up and calling a hiatus on my own game. I really can't seem to keep up. Probably due to the stress of fighting with unemployment and other fun RL things I have had the pleasure to deal with. Maybe a little vacation from rp....
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Okay. So I've been RP stalking more than posting anywhere. I suppose I should change that. But the stalking is just so damn fun. [ profile] brimsd amuses me.

I should get back to my RPs though. Get my ass back tagging as Snake. I miss being Snake([ profile] legendarysolid). Him and Old Snake([ profile] auld_serpent). I'm also in need of a new place to play Jack([ profile] islegendary). I dropped him from Taxon. I just couldn't keep interested anymore. I think it was the number of characters from series I don't like that turned me off. It's really hard to tag with a character who is from a show you can't stand. Maybe I'll come back there with the cast dynamics are different. I enjoyed it while I was there.

So I've been sniffing around for new panfandom RPs. If I put Jack anywhere new I might use his [ profile] aveo_amacuse name because it is the best screen name ever and makes me giggle.

Gonna get back to catching up with all my fail. Still gotta go christmas shopping again.
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Just a little bit of random for you all today...

Big Boss/Ba'al/Daniel I don't care if it's muncest, I want it. Or at least Big Boss/Ba'al.

Thank you, that is all.

RP post

Sep. 26th, 2009 05:59 pm
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I have an open "Pester Jack" post over in [ profile] theheadspace. Throw anyone you want at him. Trust me, he likes it.

Is here.

Just felt like letting my Jack(s) out to play in a structureless environment.
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Open post
Go ahead and drop in and harass my boys.
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Did some minor changes to my panfandom RP list, find it here.

Cut back on a few characters and added others as actively played. That is of course my list for non-dressing room type places. All my other guys can be found in museboxes, dear_mun and random dressing rooms.

Also, I've been thinking of sending [ profile] codecbackup to Digital Dive.

More from me later. I'm coming up on the end of the season and will be headed downstate soon enough.
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Okay. So......

Long story short...between me and Hawk we had the same idea but at different times. Realizing this, we joined forces to create something horrible or possibly wonderful.

We created a panfandom roleplay.

It is called.... drum roll plz...

Atlantus Taonas
a panfandom roleplay

Welcome to Atlantis
The lost city has found you...

[ profile] atlantus_taonas

[ profile] atlantus_ooc

[ profile] xrated_atlantus

[ profile] atlantusmods


[ profile] atlantus_taonas will be opening up Sept. 30th! Or sooner if we get a bunch of people itching to get in within the next two months.
So hey... look around, tell me what you think.

Worst that could happen is it won't take off. No harm in that. AND AT LEAST I MADEDEDED A PRETTY HEADER THINIE 8D
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This is a list of all the current panfandom Rps I am active in and have characters.

RP Places )

Everyone else from my RP list are played in private Rps, Dressing Rooms or my hybrid musebox. But you can find most of them at the following places:
[ profile] theheadspace
[ profile] dear_mun
[ profile] sg_dressing
[ profile] fanpandom
[ profile] fissionmailed
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Have yourself some pimpage. Just a place to toss those Stargate characters and see what happens. So far I've driven Daniel insane, had him meet his dead wife while still hearing voices and now he's captured by Ba'al's forces. Good times.

That boy has all the fun.

Meanwhile I've been torturing Jack over at [ profile] taxonomites, so it all evens out I suppose.
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yeah it's stupid ego stroking and I felt like it. You are free to tell me how you hate me here though! :D With anon comments and everything!
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I decided to go ahead and list some of the many character journals I have created over time. Some are still being used, some abadoned until the muse returned. Some of them come out at special requests and private sessions. And some, just simply created and never got around to using. I don't have all of the journals listed here, just the ones others might be interested in. Also see my active list.

The List )


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