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2020-01-23 11:11 pm

Mission Statement

I created this journal as a place to place all my fandom related material I've created since 2008. My interests span more than one fandom so you will find a mixture of work here.

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2011-03-18 11:55 pm

Long time no post

For those of you who haven't seen it...

EuticphicL at DeviantArt has done some FUCKING AWESOME SGU FANART.

Including a Young/Rush porn thing... sex on the bridge of Destiny. So much of the stuff made me squee.

I've decided I need to give them all my unborn children.

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2010-11-09 05:03 am

I used to hate this show.

I've been meaning to post these over here too

+ a fuckton of Young
+ a fuckton of Rush
+ some Scott
+ some Telford
+ a random Kiva

SGU 254 icons )
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2010-09-13 08:35 pm
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(no subject)

OPEN post at [ profile] smutfactory anyone is welcome to reply
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2010-05-31 05:56 am

(no subject)

Title: Ba'al
Fandom: Stargate SG-1/Continuum
Medium: Photoshop CS3
Rating: Not porn. I know, I was shocked too.
Description: Ba'al molesting his sword. Yes, you read that right.

Under here )
Just a belated birthday drawing to myself. Maybe I'll remember to color it.
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2010-02-19 04:06 am

(no subject)

I would like to assure the world I am alive. I'm just working crazily on a project I want done by the 23rd. argh crunch time.

Also? Silver has two seasons of NCIS on DVD and the first half of SGU. It has grown on me. Like a wart. I blame Rush.
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2010-02-06 09:32 pm


Now for something a little different. Written in record time and a complete random whim while taking a break from comics.

Title: Like That
Fandom: White Collar
Pairing: Peter/Neal/Elizabeth
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 711
Summery: Filled prompt for "Neal/Peter with Elizabeth on the phone telling them what to do. Sort of like her very own kink meme!" First posted here. In its unBETA'd glory
Thar be porn here )
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2010-02-02 07:03 pm


The cake is a lie.

More phone calls to the government tomorrow.
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2010-01-27 11:25 pm

Fuck yeah inspiration

Medium: Photoshop CS3
Rating: G
Fandom: Metal Gear Solid
Spoilers: NONE! Unless you count the hamster.
Comment: Made for [ profile] hardresetworld and [ profile] hamster_geddon


A footnote on this one? My playlist kept playing "Still Alive" while I was working on this.
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2010-01-27 02:43 pm

(no subject)

Okay. So, as a sort of crazy suggestion made by someone... they asked that I make icon sets for various characters using my own art. Especially characters who have little to no good images from their canon. I was like, ummmm I can try but no promises, unless, you know, you pay me. Well, I'm not getting paid but I thought I'd give it shot anyhow... It's not much different than doing an expressions sheet for character design. So, I'll give it a shot and see how it goes. If it goes pretty well, I'll release some icon sets.
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2010-01-27 02:04 pm

(no subject)


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2010-01-27 11:39 am

Completely forgot to post this...

Title Wrong Jack in the Box
Fandom Metal Gear Solid and Stargate SG-1
Medium Photoshop CS3
Rating G
Sometimes I draw things for people... )
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2010-01-23 01:53 pm

(no subject)

Let's play catch up.

My mom went in for surgery again. I'll be spending the next few weeks taking care of her again.

I'm thinking of balling up and calling a hiatus on my own game. I really can't seem to keep up. Probably due to the stress of fighting with unemployment and other fun RL things I have had the pleasure to deal with. Maybe a little vacation from rp....
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2010-01-14 08:09 am

I've decided...

I'm going to take over the world.

That is all. Return to your duties.
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2010-01-09 11:53 pm

(no subject)

On the subject of Jack/Daniel sexytiems,

(11:49:14 PM) [ profile] ozzyopolis: Bumping artifacts.
(11:49:15 PM) [ profile] ozzyopolis: ...
(11:49:30 PM) [ profile] ozzyopolis: Doing a little excavation...
(11:49:32 PM) [ profile] ozzyopolis: on site.
(11:49:33 PM) [ profile] ozzyopolis: ...
(11:49:37 PM) [ profile] sneakysilver: ...ppffffff
(11:49:45 PM) [ profile] ozzyopolis: XD

wut? I like puns.
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2010-01-08 12:51 am
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I got a message from an old friend eariler today. I seem to be the victim of Art Theft.

...uh yeah.

Okay. Why? It's my old work. Stuff I did in 2003. I've had my really old '99 stuff stolen too but I really don't care about that.
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2009-12-22 01:58 pm
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2009-12-17 02:53 pm


So I rewatched Absolute Power today. I forgot how freaking terrifying Daniel is when he's methodically taking over the world.

I spoilered myself for Peace Walker today. I gotta say, I still hate Ashley Wood's art. Makes me want to vomit. The backgrounds are decent but the character art? ugh... Anyway. Big Boss' outfit/"Battle Snake" is silly! I don't have much commentary on it until they actually release it. All my comments relate to character design. And I want more gray hair on my Big Boss. >( This is probably a function of playing around with Jack so much. I can't help it, okay?
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2009-12-16 09:24 am

(no subject)

Okay. So I've been RP stalking more than posting anywhere. I suppose I should change that. But the stalking is just so damn fun. [ profile] brimsd amuses me.

I should get back to my RPs though. Get my ass back tagging as Snake. I miss being Snake([ profile] legendarysolid). Him and Old Snake([ profile] auld_serpent). I'm also in need of a new place to play Jack([ profile] islegendary). I dropped him from Taxon. I just couldn't keep interested anymore. I think it was the number of characters from series I don't like that turned me off. It's really hard to tag with a character who is from a show you can't stand. Maybe I'll come back there with the cast dynamics are different. I enjoyed it while I was there.

So I've been sniffing around for new panfandom RPs. If I put Jack anywhere new I might use his [ profile] aveo_amacuse name because it is the best screen name ever and makes me giggle.

Gonna get back to catching up with all my fail. Still gotta go christmas shopping again.